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I remember being teased by a parent as a young child.  It made me feel inadequate and self conscious about myself and my looks.  To be reminded about how funny I looked  had damaging effects to my self esteem.  I smiled with my hand over my mouth and tried not to draw attention to myself.  I hated been looked at and became defensive about every remark and criticism that was made towards me. 

Why was I teased?  Was it because I was little and it was easy?  Or a tactic to control me as I grew up. All I know is it made me unable to cope with a number of things growing up.  I became distrustful of compliments, thinking there were hidden meanings to the compliment.

And now as a grownup I still have my moments of self-consciousness and feeling stared at.  I still to this day experience hurt when criticized even if in a helpful and kind way.  So maybe we as parents should stop and think twice before we make fun or tease our children in an unkind way.  Teasing can leave scars.


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